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[15 Feb 2009|07:34pm]


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icons and banners [28 Jan 2009|12:32am]

30 no doubt icons and banners
[15] gwen stefani
[12] no doubt
[03] fo banners - no doubt

view them at my livejournal unhearted0x
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[21 Nov 2008|08:57pm]

9 icons of gwen stefani
5 icons of katy perry


the rest is here at my journal

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Stefani Stills [02 Nov 2008|12:33am]


stefani_stills stefani_stills stefani_stills stefani_stills
New Gwen Stefani icontest community! Please join if you have the time ♥

Mods: I hope it's ok to promo this here, if not, I'm so sorry and please delete it!
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[31 Jul 2008|06:02am]

Here @ tropicalsundae
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[28 Jun 2008|09:02pm]


♥ Click on our banner to check us out, Gwen fans! ♥

(Please delete if this entry isn't allowed ♥)
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[11 Jan 2008|09:22pm]

» Gwen Stefani

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Early Winter video [30 Dec 2007|06:03pm]

I don't know if this is news or not, but the Early Winter video was shown on "Rage", ABC Australia, on December 28. I found it here in high def:

clicky clicky

enjoy! :)
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[11 Nov 2007|05:00pm]


Ok, so this is verrry random, but I was wondering if people could post the worst picture(s) of Gwen that they've seen.

It's for this contest thing I'm doing, and I've been looking but I swear, she always looks good!

I'd be very grateful if you could post one or just link me to one. 
Thanks xx

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[06 Nov 2007|08:15pm]

I don't suppose anyone has this without the watermark, do they?

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Gwen Stefani Icons [27 Oct 2007|12:09am]

Gwen Stefani icons!

See more HERE!
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Sweet Escape Tour [11 Oct 2007|07:48pm]


Did anyone go to the last Santa Barbara Bowl show?? Did you have pit tickets??

I am going to the nov. 3rd show at the santa barbara bowl and I have pit tickets, so I am wondering, when does the box office usually let you come pick up your hard tickets at will call?? Also, I know that since the pit has no seating you had better get there first so you can get in the front of the pit. If the concert starts at 7pm, what time do the pit people start lining up?? I've never been in the pit, so I don't quite know how it works. I'm taking my friend to her first concert ever (who better to see than Gwen??) and I want to make sure we are in the front of the pit so she can have an awesome time!! 

PLEASE let me know if you have an answer for my questions. Thanks!!

If there is anyone else going to the nov. 3rd show in s.b. ??
Do you want to meet up?? 
I am also looking to take my mom with me to the show, she now decided that she REALLY wants to go, but there are no more pit seats left to buy unless you get ripped off my a scalper, so does anyone have an extra pit ticket they'd be willing to sell me so my mom can go with me to the show?? Let me know.


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51 Icons [11 Oct 2007|05:39pm]


{31 Disney's Cinderella} {03 Gwen Stefani}
{07 Fashion Stock} {01 Ziegfeld Follies}
{01 Audrey Hepburn} {10 Meet Me in St. Louis}
{04 Wizard of Oz} {02 Judy Garland}

Overwhere over the Rainbow...
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[13 Sep 2007|06:53pm]

I started making this set of graphics the week before finals of my spring semester.
Yes, kids, this batch was started back in May, and I finished a few weeks ago, and I'm just now posting.
I'm a lazy, lazy sod. But, I'm a lazy sod with 380 various graphics, so, there you are.

10 Things I Hate About You -- 19
American Psycho -- 12
Audrey Kitching (icons, header) -- 11
Christina Aguilera -- Layout set
Britney Spears -- 16 (icons, headers, wallpaper)
Clark & Michael -- 57
CSI quotes -- 17
Daniel Radcliffe -- 2
Dexter -- 2
Georgia Nicholson -- 10
Gossip Girl -- 20
Gwen Stefani (No Doubt, lyrics, L.A.M.B.) -- 71
Gym Class Heroes Lyrics -- 4
Harry Potter -- 2
Love is Love banner -- 1
Mean Girls (icons, quotes) -- 50
Panic! At The Disco -- 10
Queer As Folk (icons, headers) -- 23
Quotes (requests) -- 4
Roisin Murphy Lyrics -- 5
Scream Quotes -- 5
Six Feet Under Quotes -- 8
Shiny Toy Guns Lyrics -- 3
Skye Sweetnam (icons, headers) -- 8
Spice Girls -- 3
Superbad -- 13

{x}Credit thequeenofpink or snorkacks_exist
{x}Hotlink, & I use my mutant powers on you. Seriously.

(380 products of boredom this way!)
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[25 Jun 2007|02:02pm]

[01-27] M.I.A. + 2 banners
[28-45] Gwen Stefani
[46-68] Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Bret Michael, and Van Halen - For the The 80's Hair Metal Icon Festival
[69-76] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
[77-90] Text/Lyric icons [HP, Bruce Springsteen]



[24 Jun 2007|05:19pm]

So, ever since I was little, I've had this weird thing about Gwen when she performs 'Just A Girl', when she sings the line "I've had it up to here" and brings her hand up to her forehead. I LOVE it. I've got a pretty big collection of pictures of her making that gesture, but I want more! Could I possibly bother everyone to share any pictures they may have/seen with Gwen 'having it up to here'?

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[24 Jun 2007|08:58pm]

new community for aussies!Collapse )
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[23 Jun 2007|01:41am]

Gwen Stefani performed in Orange County tonight.. Guess who joined her for her encore?

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4 in the morning [15 Jun 2007|07:27pm]

Does anyone have any icons of the 4 in the Morning vid?  Or screencaps?!!
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Question [14 Jun 2007|07:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone happen to have any HIRES images of Gwen's Singles for the Sweet Escape and 4ITM?

And to make it worthwhile (from my birthday):

Free Image Hosting at

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