rockstarchick84 (rockstarchick84) wrote in gwenstefanifans,

Sweet Escape Tour

Did anyone go to the last Santa Barbara Bowl show?? Did you have pit tickets??

I am going to the nov. 3rd show at the santa barbara bowl and I have pit tickets, so I am wondering, when does the box office usually let you come pick up your hard tickets at will call?? Also, I know that since the pit has no seating you had better get there first so you can get in the front of the pit. If the concert starts at 7pm, what time do the pit people start lining up?? I've never been in the pit, so I don't quite know how it works. I'm taking my friend to her first concert ever (who better to see than Gwen??) and I want to make sure we are in the front of the pit so she can have an awesome time!! 

PLEASE let me know if you have an answer for my questions. Thanks!!

If there is anyone else going to the nov. 3rd show in s.b. ??
Do you want to meet up?? 
I am also looking to take my mom with me to the show, she now decided that she REALLY wants to go, but there are no more pit seats left to buy unless you get ripped off my a scalper, so does anyone have an extra pit ticket they'd be willing to sell me so my mom can go with me to the show?? Let me know.


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